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Escon Primera is one of the most top-notch construction projects in Mohali, and it has been almost thirty years since we started. We have certainly been aiming to transform the real estate industry by focusing on quality over quantity for all these years. Currently, the Escon Primera’s repertoire has a wide range of special real estate developments, such as penthouses, premium residences, gated communities, and many more. Each of the assets is planned to be mastered by highly trained architects and has been developed over the last decades. Customer loyalty is at the core of our company’s ideology. That is why we are continuously looking for excellence in our operation by recognizing the client’s needs and offering creative and personalized real estate solutions.

We are dedicated to delivering top-class products and services to our customers to ensure they can be at comfort. Also, for their convenience, we aim at upholding quality, transparency, and customer focus.

Escon Primera’s vision statement is to deliver the valued destinations for enhancing your lifestyle through creative ideas in the real estate industry, adequate infrastructure, and environmental sustainability.

We always promise to be accountable to our customers, employees, and stakeholder. Because of this working principle, we are constantly able to gain the trust of people who are working in compliance with us.


Since last more than 25 years, Escon Primera has been rendering innumerable families shade and stability
at their homes. Have a look at what we call home!

Why Choose Us?

Being one of the leading real estate developers, the Escon Primera has an amazing track record of creativity and customer loyalty. We have successfully merged architecture and technology in all of our real estate projects, from luxury apartments, developed townships, excellent hospitality, and green parks. 

At the Escon Primera, we believe in a redefinition of the quality of living through continuous creativity. Accountability, consumer support, and consistency are the top three key principles that have allowed us to keep superior in estate services. Our portfolio comprises some of the most trendy and premium residential properties in Mohali. Our company’s responsibility is to ensure a better standard of living in all of our estates. From meeting the most important needs, such as electricity and water, we aspire to balance convenience and elegance in all our real estate projects to deliver world-class services. We are proud to bring creativity and ingenuity to the residential sector by creating architectural wonders.

Escon Primera respects the customer service. Providing the best service to our customers is our primary objective. At any level of the project, the management guarantees that the team members can fulfill the standards of the potential home buyers. We adhere to a specific strategy to practice the highest standards, not only in our ventures but also in the service sector. We have a reputation for excellence in the construction sector and providing on-time possessions.

We have developed a working process in which architecture, technologies, and talent is combined to create structures that optimize your lifestyle and work performance. The team of trained experts is seeking design developments that will give rise to new concepts. Their emphasis on creativity is to encourage visual appeal and to enhance the standard of the project.

Our ventures are located on the perfect sites and are equipped with world-class facilities in a safe and green setting. We chose outstanding locations to help you relive and chill, far away from the fast lifestyle of the crowded city. Experience the solitude of nature without leaving the advantages of urban life. We have strategically designed the layout and construction of our projects to increase the smart living of our buyers.

After almost an experience of 30 years, we are still working on being the best. Our most important contributions cannot be represented in square feet. Our biggest achievement is to emphasize the excitement of our people in their new homes.

Our well-structured gated communities are designed as per the changing lifestyle of people from one decade to the next. We have been working relentlessly to reform how these gated communities are developed, constructed, and managed. Alongside our detailed floor plan, we also have a range of smart floor plan choices tailored to satisfy the preference of the room design you like. We will incorporate the best technologies for better usability and connectivity in our gated communities planned to achieve optimal productivity and resource distribution.

The planned architecture of our projects comes along with several other amenities. There is no need for you to panic, as we have got you covered with everything. From stable internet connections to nearby pharmacy stores, there is everything that you can get inside the complex of our real estate projects. We have social places of ourselves to celebrate events and gatherings alongside our neighbors. Gyms, gardens, and swimming baths are all part of a healthy living culture. We are located amidst all the major destinations like airports, bus stands, shopping malls, schools, IT center Mohali, hospitals, and so on for your convenience.


Each home constructed here at Escon Primera is a product of thorough preparation and diligent attention to the details to satisfy the needs of the customer.
This is a cornerstone ideology that describes every home in Escon Primera with quality standards that identify market benchmarks.
Trust and Confidence
Consumer satisfaction is the foundation of every other attempt taken by the organization to create homes for lifetime happiness.
We are bound to the honesty of our performance. We truly believe in doing what is best not only for our clients but also for our stakeholders.